Announcement: The Sexy Santa’s Helper Costume

Sexy santas helper
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Get ready to experience the ultimate fashion sense through the sexy Santa’s helper costume which is now available in almost all online fashion stores, something that guarantees you that you’ll not miss one this season. This also translates to the fact that you can also order yours online early enough, before they run out of stock and to avoid the final days’ rush. The Mrs. Santa costume is however not for Christmas periods only since it is also ideal for Halloween owing to the fact that designers have come up with dark designs for the people who would fancy them during Halloween.

Going for various prices based on not only the designer but also type of material used in its manufacture, the sexy Santa’s helper costume is available in numerous sizes, starting from the kids costumes to the top ten plus sizes. This is a clear indication that the whole family can be able to enjoy a Halloween party. Bearing in mind that Halloween comes before Christmas, having a naughty Santa’s helper for the occasion would work well for you. With the right type of accessories and make up, you are set to leave a lasting impression until the next Halloween season.

During Christmas, you could choose to go for the corset like sexy Santa’s helper costume design that slightly exposes your thighs. This is when you want to get a little naughty. If you have still however not outgrown the naughty Santa’s helper that you wore that Halloween, you could bring it on board and have it characterize your entire Christmas period. The same costume could even serve a better purpose during Christmas considering that you will be fitting into it perfectly by that time. Make your Christmas tick with this costume, while also properly bringing out your femininity.

That sexy Santa’s helper costume that you wore during Halloween is the same one you should use during the Christmas season considering that this outfit is available in various designs and is made from a number of materials. Well, this Mrs. Claud costume is the best for spreading that holiday cheer to someone special during the entire Christmas period. Even during a friend’s party over Christmas, this is the perfect dress for the woman who wants to not only appear stylish and make a fashion statement but also retain the holiday mood. The various designs are such that they can fit any type of body besides also assuming the latest trends in the market. Whether it is your high heels or flat shoes sandals you do not want to leave behind, this is the costume for you.

Sexy Santa’s Helper Outfit

Sexy Santa’s Helper Outfit

Many women are experiencing the beginning stages of holiday cheer as the weather grows colder and the calendar has moved to December. However, some of these fabulous females are still feeling mundane and indifferent about Christmas being right around the corner. What gift do you get the lady who is feeling so down in the dumps about the greatest of holidays? There is only one item that is guaranteed to succeed in bringing the best Christmas arousal, and that is the Sexy Santa Helper Outfit! Before you know it, the receiver will make a complete 180 and you will be thrilled with your own gift-giving ability as well. Where there was once apathy, now sits an outfit so small not even a real elf would feel completely covered. It’s as true of a win-win situation as there has ever been.

What exactly are you getting when you purchase a Sexy Santa Helper Outfit? The complete package includes a tiny, red and green, felt skirt, a bedazzled candy cane striped bra, red lace stockings that reach half way up the thigh of the recipient, and, last but not least, a pair of elf ears to top it all off. It is everything you need that turns Santa’s helpers into the sexiest living creatures on the planet.

The extremely short skirt is made of the exact same felt material as Old Saint Nicholas a gift bag and is actually six inches long. This provocative length offers just enough coverage to leave something for the imagination, yet it also shows enough sexy elf skin to get the point across loud and clear that this is not your average night with Santa’s helper. The skirt coupled with the red lace stockings reaching half way up her thighs are a complete and utter grand slam. The lace is fairly see through and incredibly compliments the rest of the seductive outfit. Raise your eyes a little bit higher and set your focus on the candy cane striped bra. This sight will absolutely send you into a holiday cheer like you have never known before! The push up style bra is sure to show off some presents you would like to receive this year. All of this is essentially guaranteed to bring all who are involved out of their cold-weather induced haze and into a scalding hot Christmas desire. But one more thing is being left out. The elf ears, of course! The plastic pointed ears slip over the recipients real ears and ties together the entire sexy outfit. Seriously, what is a sexy Santa’s helper without the hallmark pointed ears?

Needless to say, there is no doubt that this Christmas will be unlike any years in the past. All you need is the unbelievable Sexy Santa’s Helper Outfit and all of your seemingly unending winter jeers will be long forgotten to the past. Do not hesitate when thinking of what to buy this year. Four final words are all you need to think: Sexy Santa’s Helper Outfit.

Bedroom costumes for women

bedroom costumes for women






















Thinking about spicing up things in the bedroom? There is a popular saying that variety is the spice of life. Whether you have been with your partner for many years or just a few weeks, there is a lot to be gained by adding new things in the bedroom. This is particular go to women; have you thought about adding costumes in the bedroom? Before deciding on which ones to chose from, it may be a good idea to directly or indirectly ask (which ever is more appropriate in your relationship) your partner which costume he/she would like to see you wear in the bedroom. Not to sure or you have no idea what kind of bedroom costumes for women to chose from? Read ahead and you will find some costume ideas to spice things up in the bedroom.

One of the most popular bedroom costumes for women out there is a Santa’s outfit. It’s something about a Santa’s uniform that makes things seem so naughty. It’s not the baggy scrubs and pony tail hairdo that do the trick. First, you will need some sexy high heels and fish net stockings. Then a short, body hugging one piece nurses uniform, which was popular in the 50’s and 60’s. Add some flare by letting your hair loose, putting a push up bra on, and unbuttoning your uniform to show them off. This will have your partner aching with desire! Another costume you can use in the bedroom is a cop uniform. Some people find it pleasurable knowing that they are in trouble and you are there to punish them. This bedroom costumes for women is similar to the Santa’s outfit (high heels and fish net stockings) except you will wear a tight cop outfit. Wear a pair of glasses to add a little mystery to the role-playing. Don’t forget your baton or whip, as this will be your way of showing your partner who is boss!

And last but certainly not least is the schoolgirl outfit. This is the classic bedroom costumes for women that you can wear in the bedroom. This is a naughty outfit as you can role-play and pretend that your partner is the teacher and they are punishing you for being bad. Don’t forget your short skirt, white stockings, tight blouse that accentuates your curves, a pair of reading glasses to wear (with or without prescription), and your high heels. This will have your partner melting all over you! Now that we have read about a few costumes to wear in the bedroom you are ready to get into action. Play around with ideas and add some new pieces to the costumes mentioned. The idea is to have fun and enjoy the moment in the bedroom. Get into the character of your costumes, say things out of your comfort zone, let yourself go, and do not be afraid to please your partner when getting into the character. With these costume ideas you will have a great time in the bedroom and make it an unforgettable night. That is guaranteed!

Naughty Santa Helpers

Naughty Santa HelpersHalloween is the mother of the party holidays. Its no surprise why this is; costumes. For women, Halloween is one of the few opportunities they get to dress and behave in a provocative and promiscuous fashion without suffering any societal fallout. The cliché favorites include the sexy witch, the faerie, and the cat. But, if you want to be a real bad girl, you go the way of Naughty Santa Helpers.

What is it about the Naughty Santa Helpers outfit that is so appealing and yet so naughty? Its the contrast of the pure and the profane. This contrast opens up the door for any kind of behavior. Also, it worth noting, that this costume can carry over into the Christmas Holidays under the right circumstances and appropriate location. At a party, those brave enough to blur the lines between naughty and nice can have unlimited fun. It’s a great opportunity to go and sit on a man’s lap while jokingly telling him everything you want and deserve; naughty or nice. You can also carry a little bag and deliver presents to the party goers, such as sexual explicit candy and condoms. And, the helper can do all of this while playing the coy, doe-eyed Santa’s helper. Really, the role of Naughty Santa Helpers is only limited by imagination. Just be prepared, you will get a lot of attention when you wear this costume; but its really the reason you wore it anyway.

The costume – Naughty Santa Helpers

The costume itself is extremely easy and affordable to assemble. For those running low on cash, all you really need are a pair of black boots, high socks, boy short underwear and a red tank or bra. Just top it off with a Santa hat and you are ready to go. If you have a little more spending money and some advance notice, you can search the web for some sexy holiday lingerie. You can go with a classic teddy or an all-out lingerie fantasy ensemble. For those of you take your holiday parties very seriously, then its time cross over into the world of cosplay. With this, you will either want to get a fancy costume by a professional designer, or you will want to design and fabricate your own. Look to Christmas classics to help you conjure up the right image of Naughty Santa Helpers, and that take the image over the imaginary line in your head and over to the dirty place. No matter, which way you go on the costume, though, you still have to go all out on the make-up. You’ll want to go with very rosy cheeks for this look and cherry red lip gloss; the glossier the better. Go for dark smoky eye liner coupled with an outrageous and fun eye shadow. Fake eyelashes are great, especially if you can get them in exotic Christmas colors. But most of all, the idea is to have fun with it. Let yourself become someone less inhibited and little naughty for a night.


Sexy Santa Dress Lingerie

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Sexy Santa Dress Lingerie Fancy Naughty Helper  

  • One size
  • Sexy Miss Santa outfit is a sleeveless cocktail length dress made of soft red velvet
  • Sexy miss santa outfit