Naughty Santa’s Helper Lingerie

Christmas is all about fun, love and presents. According to Christmas legend, you need to be a good girl to get on Santa’s nice list. Only that way you can get a present.

But time have change. Being good girl may still pays off, but being naughty girl at the right time pays off even better. Sit on Santa’s lap in your Sexy Santa’s Helper lingerie and tell him how naughty you have been. I promise you, you will get the best Christmas present ever.

So why don’t you dress up as an naughty Santa’s Helper and get on his naughty list where all the best presents are. And you wont have to buy him a Christmas present. Why? Because all your man actually wants is you in sexy lingerie. Well, he is just a man after all.

Christmas really shouldn’t be all about presents. It should be about fun and love. And you can have plenty of both if you’ll wear Sexy Santa’s Helper lingerie this Xmas. If you don’t have any idea what you can wear for him, I found something for every taste.

Naughty Santa's helper

Sexy Santa’s Helper Velvet Halter Bra And Pantie Set

This is simple, yet effective outfit. In this set you will get halter bra, that you tie behind neck and back and matching bikini thong with adjustable side ties. This lovely red set have that black mesh detail, that gives a bit of a Christmas look to this set.

Click here for more details.

Naughty Santa's helper

Sexy Santa’s Helper Sweetie

This is perfect for naughty Santa’s helper, that wants to be sexy and sweet. This is my kind of outfit.

This 5 piece lingerie set includes stretch satin triangle bra top with plush trim and satin bow, matching garter belt with “rhinestones look” belt, Santa hat, matching thong and thigh highs with buckle top.

This is the right outfit for romantic fantasy fun of two. Click here for more details.

Naughty Santa's helper

Naughty Santa’s Helper Babydoll With Matching Thong

This Santa’s helper babydoll is really naughty. It’s made of stretch velvet with a lace-up neckline, attached satin belt and elf hem details. Set also includes matching thong and black ribbon hair clip.

Show him how naughty you can really be. Click here for more details.

Click here for more Naughty Santa’s Helper Lingerie. Have a marry Xmas.

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December 28, 2015

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